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I'm so glad you're here! 
You're on your way to experiencing the magical transformation of getting your space organized.

Organizing is for everyone.
I'm here to help you regain your space and overcome clutter. A wonderful, peaceful, beautiful and functional space is yours for the having!


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Homes + Small Businesses

TidyFox will consider projects at any residential and small business spaces. 
So far, Amy has organized garages, bedrooms, closets of all kinds, kitchens, pantries, bedrooms, classrooms, small business' storage spaces, everything!  

Moving Out + In

Moving soon? TidyFox can help you with the whole moving process, especially the "tricky" ones: sorting, packing, and most importantly, the unpacking and getting you organized from the get go in your new space!

Home Staging

Selling your home? Is your realtor coming to take pictures soon? TidyFox can help get your home picture ready! And even help you keep it that way when showing the house!


TidyFox takes all of the items you would like to leave your home and finds new places for them!
TidyFox partners with local shelters, donation centers, food banks and more so that a little ends up in the landfill as possible. 

About Me

Well...this is actually about you
Organization is for everyone, including and especially you. 

Clutter and disorganization are actually curable scenarios for any space, and together, we can create a beautiful, functional, and organized kitchen, closet, garage, office - sky's the limit!

Helping others regain their space through the process of organizing is my passion and joy. It is my favorite thing to do, so one might see it as a selfish thing - but if helping you is selfish, I'm all for it (winky face). 

Every client I have had, I have developed a kinship with and I truly care deeply about the whole process for them.
The same will be true of you. We will work hard together as we sort your items, brainstorm about the best system to implement, and finally organize back into the space... and (for you) enjoy the refreshing "magic" that comes from a newly organized environment. 

I can't wait to get started with you! 


Amy Puckett resides in the greater Portland metro with her husband (who is her best friend) and can be often found brandishing her glue gun as she creates her latest DIY crafting experiment.  That, and playing story-based video games. 

Amy Puckett of TidyFox LLC


Amy Puckett - The Tidy Blog - TidyFox LLC


What my clients are saying:

There is no way to thank you enough for the rapid transformation you helped us achieve in the garage! I am thrilled with the result.
And you are so pleasant to be around!

Thank you, thank you!"

Blair - Hillsboro, OR

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