About TidyFox

"About Me" pages are as weird to write as much as they can be weird to read. 

So how about this:

We love to organize.

It's, like, our favorite thing, so please, please, please let us organize for you (really).




Still want the backstory? Okay


Our founder, Amy, was a weird child ;)

For fun, she would reorganize her room about every 6 months.

She'd just go through everything and transform the space. At the end of the day, when she would show her parents her handiwork, her dad would say,"You have a lot of time on your hands" - true story. 

Unquenched, Amy has organized her own living spaces for ages.

And then she learned that other people like organized spaces, too.

So for gifts, she would organize her mother-in-law's Tupperware cabinet, or her sister-in-law's kitchen drawers. 

When she moved into her first rented space she organized that, too!

Finally when she got her own apartment with her husband, they went through the Marie Kondo method together and conquered all clutter forever! (Basically.)

Before starting this (awesome) company, Amy worked as a House Manager for an incredible Nike Exec. Boss Lady.

What is a House Manager?

Essentially, Amy managed the house, the two kids that lived in it, and helped maintain tidiness.

On top of that, she would organize lots of areas of her nanny mom's home.

Then one fateful summer day, Amy begged her nanny dad if she could rearrange his closet when he moved to a new house.

The conversation was essentially:

Amy: "Please, please, please can I organize your closet!?!?!?!?"
Nanny Dad: "Ummm, yes! And also you can organize anything else in this house" 

So naturally, she totally did the kids' closets, the pantry cupboards, the laundry room and two more hall closets!

It was pretty much Amy's dream day.

And something stirred inside of her:
"I want to do this -all- the time"

So after much dreaming, planning, evaluating, market research and lots of conversations,
Amy launched TidyFox LLC and the world has been better for it. 


Hope that satisfied your insatiable need for backstory ; )

Professional Organizing Service

A word from Amy

Hey Friends!

I'm a real person! ;)
And I'm typing these words to convey to you how stoked I am that you're reading these words!!

Not everybody can walk into someone's home & personal space and help them completely and utterly change it!

It is both challenging & deeply rewarding and I love getting to do it. You may think I'm a crazy person...  but this really is my passion.
It's my favorite thing!

I left my stable + well-paying,  job to do this and let me tell you, it's 100% worth it! 
I  get to  make a    difference  people's lives! That may sound cliché, but for reals, friends - this is so true.  I am honored to be able to see people's spaces
- and lives - transformed!

My favorite part of the day is when I get to see the faces of my clients (who by the time we are done - we're totally friends, y'all!)
And the transformation that happens -inside of them- that's the gold, right there!

When the project is finished    there is a fresh-air that swoops in and literally transforms - the place, the atmosphere, and the person !!!

So, thanks for caring enough to read all of this. I'm extremely passionate about organizing and would love to help you regain your space, AND your joy!
(and sanity).


info@tidyfox.llc | Portland, OR

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We serve the Greater Portland Area, including Southern Washington, and south to Eugene, and places in between!

Don't let the fact that we operate in Portland keep you from contacting us!

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