Donation Items + More

We help you get rid of your stuff! 
The last thing we want is for purged items to pile up in the hallway or in your garage or even in your backseat!

As part of our service (so with no extra charge to you), we help you by taking away donation items and even can help you get rid of large furniture pieces!

During this time of COVID-19, we can take any unopened food items and unopened/new bedding + clothing items to shelters. This is our favorite option!

We also take items to ReStore (Habitat for Humanity),
Goodwill, and Community Warehouse. 

For large pieces of furniture, we help list these items for you or help you list them yourselves on digital market groups. Our goal is always to remove the item from your space, so we often will list items with the goal of removal, vs the goal of profit. 
You are always free to list items to sell to gain back a profit, but this often slows down the removal process. 

We cannot take items such as trash or recycling or chemical waste items. 
We can point you towards proper resources and places that take these kinds of items. | Portland, OR

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We serve the Greater Portland Area, including Southern Washington, and south to Eugene, and places in between!

Don't let the fact that we operate in Portland keep you from contacting us!

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