Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost involved in hiring a professional organizer? 

Currently, TidyFox will create a curated bid proposal for your space after a complimentary consultation, and will send to you before date of services for your review.
This is because each project varies in how long they take. 
If you have a certain aesthetic style in mind, and therefore would like to invest in organizational products (think baskets, lazy susans, bins, etc.) then the total cost will vary.

Organizational products can be purchased at a variety of budget points, and TidyFox works to present those different price options. 

These are invoiced to you at cost.

You do not need to purchase any organizational products in advance - TidyFox will provide these or work with you - sometimes you already have what is needed, so wait to shop!

Overall, TidyFox works very hard to be open and upfront about the cost of organization and we will work with whatever budget you have. 

How do I book Amy for a consultation or project session?

                                                       to write to us (this go directly to Amy) and she'll reach out to get you on the schedule.  You can also bypass the contact form and email Amy directly: or call/text Amy at 971.217.5991

Consultations: these complimentary (and no-obligation) meetings are a get-to-know-each-other time.
And they are a necessary step in the organization process.

This allows Amy to assess your project space(s), get to know you, and see if it's a good fit to work together! 

[Note: Amy is not certified in assisting clients who battle with hoarding or hoarding tendencies, but would be happy to refer professional organizers who are certified in that area. 

Also Note: Amy has had a few clients who think they are hoarders, but are actually in a very normal category of clutter and disorganization.

Above, TidyFox is referring to individuals who have been diagnosed with a hoarding disorder or match the symptoms related. Amy is always willing to help any client, but just as you wouldn't want to hire her to fix your plumbing (she's not trained in that), TidyFox would like to ensure each client gets the correct support they need.]

Project Sessions: these are where you and Amy will sort, edit, remove the items not needed/wanted, and put everything that's staying into the new organizational system. 


Amy works hard to create a system that is going to bring maximum to success to you and your household, team, etc. This can take time and reworking different ideas together until you're satisfied!

Evaluations come next, and if the system isn't quite working for you, Amy will come back to make sure everything is as good as can be! 

How should I prepare for TidyFox to come over to my space?

First off, I'm not the in-laws! There is no need to clean up (and hide away) everything!
In fact, I insist you don't tidy up any clutter. Especially during the complementary consultations, it's best to see your space in its "normal" state. This helps to address where the clutter is piling up and then we can brainstorm about ways to help eliminate the clutter and pile up of items. 

That said, when doing closets, bedrooms, laundry rooms - projects involving clothes:
please try to have all of the clothes you own washed and ready to be assessed.
Without all of the clothing items present, it can be tricky to ensure all items have a home/fit well in the allotted space.

You can also vacuum, dust, mop and sanitize any spaces, if you'd like.

If we are doing your bathroom, please do this! ; )
That said, Amy grew up in a home of 7 people, and so is comfortable in "lived in" spaces.

One of the best things that you can do is dream up how you'd like the space. Jot down a few goals, create a Pinterest board with inspiration and styles that you like, or just be thinking about what you would really love as an end result. This helps TidyFox realize those dreams and goals! 

What does TidyFox do to prevent the spread of Covid-19?

During this pandemic, TidyFox is committed to health and safety for all involved.

Amy checks her temperature prior to any consultation or project session.

She also has kept a tight reign on her social interactions with others and has drastically limited her interactions with those who are not working hard to keep themselves safe. 
Amy will come wearing a mask, and even though she is a natural-born hugger, will not handshake or hug.
She will use proper hand-washing and sanitizing techniques. She also brings her own food and drink, so no need to offer.  Though during project sessions it's difficult to maintain 6-feet at all times, this will be kept in mind and aimed for. 
Note: You are not required to wear a mask, though it is encouraged if it does not impede your health. Since we are in your space, that is up to you. You are also welcome to eat or drink anything in your home, especially if our project session is for a longer period of time. No need to offer any food to Amy! Promise

What is it like to work with Amy during project sessions?

There are 3 stages to organizing a space.

1) Editing: sorting through all the items in a category and assessing if they are wanted, in good quality, helpful, or should be tossed or donated. [Ex: clothes that don't fit, food that has expired, toys that are broken beyond repair or repurposing.]
This part is always done with you present. It is impossible to assess someone else's stuff. You make the decisions and we'll help along the way. Amy likes to say, "You're the head, so you can sit and I'll bring you items and help you assess if you need it. I'm the feet and I'll place items in different piles as we sort."

There usually are several category piles created: Yes (stays in your home) No (donated, tossed or recycled) Maybe (to be decided on at the end). And often there are sub-piles that are created from these. 
Ex: Sentimental items you want to keep but can't or never use are can be stored in containers in storage spaces vs taking up "prime real-estate" in your kitchen or bedroom closet)

2) Organizing: placing the items back in a system that is catered specifically for you and your needs, style, desires, etc. This is the super fun part! Once you have given Amy input into your style, desires and goals, then this part can be done with or without you. Ideally, we always want you present or the person whose items we are working with to be present. Amy can also work on this while you're doing something else, then the big reveal!

3) Evaluation: Once everything is given a proper place, Amy has coached you on how to maintain the space and you've tried it out for a few days, then Amy will check in to evaluate how it's going.
Does the system work? 
If yes, then great! You're done and TidyFox will send an invoice.
Not quite there yet? Then Amy will come back to rework things until you're satisfied!

Note: TidyFox really wants you to be honest about what you like, what you need, what's working for you and what's not. If the system needs adjusting, then invite Amy back to ensure maximum satisfaction for the space. 

What does TidyFox do with items I no longer want or need?

TidyFox will remove from your space any items that can fit in her car!
Amy has worked hard to cultivate a network of companies and organizations to get items into the hands of those who need.  Some items cannot be donated to shelters, so then Amy will take to a donation-based store or facility. 

Some items need to be tossed, so unfortunately, some items will have to be recycled or tossed into your trash. 
Amy cannot take trash or recyclables, but can point you in the right direction if the items shouldn't go in your own trash/recycle receptacles. 

TidyFox can bring hardware and houseware to ReStore: Habitat for Humanity

Good-condition clothing and unused hygiene products to Rose Haven: A women's shelter.
Food and dry goods to Good Neighbor Center.

Unique items can often be donated to the Community Warehouse: Estate Store.


TidyFox can also take hazardous waste (within reason) 
Styrofoam, mattresses, furniture (or help you sell/give away), e-waste, and other unique materials. 
Our goal is to keep as much as we can out of the landfill!

Note: If you need a tax receipt for your donations, please let Amy know ahead of time so she can be sure to get one and write the items down. Once the items are donated, it can be difficult to keep track. 

Disclaimer: Once Amy has taken your donated items, they will not be able to be returned to you.
Amy usually donates items shortly after receiving them.  TidyFox believes letting go of items no longer serving you is great! And we also want to make sure you aren't accidentally losing anything you truly need. 
During the editing process, don't feel rushed to decide on items. Amy will create a "maybe" pile for you to assess before final decisions are made. 

I want to gift your services to someone, how do I do that?

Giving someone our organization services is an excellent gift!
In this age of consumerism and the desire for minimalism, helping someone get unstuck and organized is a wonderful idea.

Packages are sold in groups of 4, 6, 8+ hours.
This is because most projects take a minimum of 4 or more hours, and each project varies in it's exact time length. 

These organizational packages do not automatically include the purchase of organizational products like baskets, containers and bins, so you can add an additional cover charge of $50, $100 or more to cover the cost. 

We will send you a digital file via email containing the gift certificate made especially for the occasion!
You can purchase these over the phone, or through the Venmo app, or in person.

Note: Before any project session, TidyFox will do a complimentary consultation to assess the space
your Gift Recipient wants to do.

Disclaimer: Although TidyFox believes organization is for everyone (it's the motto!) - this doesn't mean that everyone is ready to do the work and partner with TidyFox to regain their space. 
If you are gifting organization services to someone, please be sure they want to get organized
This can't be a subtle hint to your partner, friend, family member or co-worker (etc.) that they are too messy for you to handle. Amy has worked with Gift Recipient who ended up not being ready to do the work and receive the service. This is a unique experience and can be challenging to go through one's belongings. Amy is gentle and easy to work with, so just make sure your Gift Recipient is on board! 
Amy is eternally grateful. 

What methods of Payment does TidyFox take?

Cash and Checks are always accepted. Checks can be made out to: TidyFox LLC

Amy can run credit and debit cards through Square.

Venmo is another great tool that TidyFox uses. 

Are there any Non-profit Organizations that TidyFox gives to?

Yes, in the wake of the 2020 protest for the uplifting of Black lives and the call for justice and anti-racism in polices and organizations, Amy has been working hard to do the work. 
One of the ways Amy is choosing to do that is to financially support Equitable Giving Circle (they are amazing, go check them out!!) as they work to support the BIPOC community in the Portland area. 
Amy and her husband are also seeking out other ways to support BIPOC owned businesses and service providers.
TidyFox is saying all of this so you can know that a portion of what you pay is going toward supporting this incredible organization.

What methods does TidyFox use during the organization process?

Before launching TidyFox LLC, Amy read every book on organization she could get her hands on to develop the best strategies and tools for her clients.

Amy utilizes many ideas from the KonMarie method, The Home Edit method, Swedish Death Cleaning , and has developed her own methods around the organizational process from her own experience.
She is not a consultant for any of these organization companies, but you'll still receive some of the gold from these methods. 

Amy is a member of the National Association of Organization and Productivity (NAPO) and therefore has agreed to their Code of Ethics and is furthering her education through NAPO University to ensure she is always learning and bringing the best services to her clients. 

TidyFox LLC has also been accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has recently been awarded

Expertise Tip Organizer in Portland for 2021!