Gift Certificates

How it works:
  • Step 1: Choose Occasion
  • Step 2: Let us know which one you want and for how many hours? 4 = minimum
  • Step 3: Email or text us your order!

Birthday - For Her

Give her the gift of Organization! 
Great for Moms, sisters, aunts and daughters! (Basically anyone!)

Once you gift this, they can contact us and we set up a date and time to begin the project!

Birthday - For Him

What do you give a guy who has no idea what he wants? Don't get him items he is likely to never use! Gift him a project with TidyFox!

We will get them on the books and transform their space of choice!

Any Occasion

Stuck on ideas for someone?
This is gifting an experience of organization! And it's a gift that gives over and over again every time they walk into that space! 

Once they contact us, the magic will begin!

Mother's Day

Give your Mother the gift of organization this year! We promise she doesn't need any more kimono wraps or tea cups - unless you're going to book her a day at the spa...
This is equally going to transform her life because organization is a powerful way to create beauty and function in any space! 

Gift today!

Father's Day

What to get a Dad who has everything! 
A day to organize all of that stuff that he has!
We come in and can organize man caves, garages, work spaces, as well as bedrooms and closets! 
Let Dad get a place for all his belongings, not more items to store! 

We promise he will love it!

Winter Holiday Gift

Need to give a gift but not sure what they want?
This is the gift that everyone needs but not everyone always realizes it! 

Guaranteed happiness to ensue any project!

For Your Own Client

For those of you businesses out there, we've got you covered with gifts for your OWN clients! 
Use this as a thank you for being your customer! 

We can't wait to serve them, too!

Order Here

Ordering is easy! 

1) Open up your email browser

2) Copy our email
into a new email

3) Write to us which certificate you want and for how many hours.

4) We mail these, so give us an address to send to!


Once we receive your email, we will get back to you asap and talk payment. 
We use apps like Venmo or Google Pay Send.

We can also do checks in the mail!

Once we have your payment, we mail these straight to you!

1) Text Amy at 971.217.5991

Let us know:
- your first name

- what kind of certificate you want

- how many hours on certificate

2) Let us know where we can mail the certificate to!

Same as above, we will send these in the mail once we receive payment.
(Payment apps are the best!)

You're gifts are done! Yay! 
Time to celebrate!



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