Jan's Christmas Decorating +
Organizing When Putting Away

Jan is in her 80's!
Decorating a whole house solo can be quite challenging. We came along to make the project as easy as possible!


We love Jan's desire to have a themed tree and so we eliminated the colors that didn't fit. 
(We ended up giving those away to one of her grandkids) 

In the Past, Jan used to put this garland on the mantlepiece, but instead we used it to cover the tops of her stair rails which tied more of the  Christmas theme throughout their home.

We mentioned Jan wanted to have a themed tree, but she had a few beautiful and personal ornaments she wanted to keep but not on the tree.


So we used this table garland to display them! So cute and a total win!

Taking Down the Decorations

Label everything!

We explain what these diy organization hacks on our blog here.

We highly  recommend using clear tubs so you can find things easily, but these red + green boxes are also good because it's obvious they are Christmas storage.

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