Karen's Review

- How would you describe your experience working with Amy at TidyFox?

K - She recharged my spirit! I had a lot going on in my life that I kind of just lost interest with my home. I actually did not enjoy going home. t wasn't messy but it was disorganized because I just didn't have it in me to fix things up. So my spirit was much more down then I knew. When Amy came, her excitement to help me reorganize my kitchen was exciting.  I actually had fun and I was amazed when all was done how lovely everything looked. I got rid of at least 75% of my an foods I wasn't going to eat and kitchen ware I rarely used. I actually enjoy coming home and opening up my cabinets! I'm cooking again and I decorated my dining room!! Thank you so much, Amy!!!!

- Would you say that you were satisfied with the work we did for you?
Please let us know why.

K - Amy has an exceptional gift!  When she came to my house I wasn’t really sure how this works.  She explained simply enough step by step.  We worked in my kitchen because that is where it was the most disorganized.  She took a section of food out—- I checked what I use and don’t use. By the time we finished all the cabinets, I was amazed and grossed out by how much stuff I had and did not use. She not only “cleansed” my kitchen - she also gave me my space back to use with excitement.  I rarely enjoyed cooking and now I’m baking up cookies!

- Are there areas of communication or professionalism,
or anything else that we can grow in?

K - At this point, I’m very pleased with what she has done for me.  I’m just looking forward for her to help me work on my garage next.

- Do you have any critiques?

K - No. Amy works fast and I love that.  She doesn’t waste time. She is very conscience of your dollar spent.   She’s not a slacker.  She knows what she is doing.  She’s also lovely to hang out with.

- Was there anything that you just loved that we did while organizing for you?

K - I would say, Amy has a loving spirit. I felt like I’ve know her a long time. She’s one of those gals you just want to keep visiting with.  She’s a good listener and she cares.  She likes to see you happy.  After this experience, I’m just very thankful I met her. I was ready to do this and she could see it and was willing to help.

- After your experience with us, would you give our name to your friends?

K - Absolutely!  I’ve already have told friends about her and several are curious. Others want to market her on their work routes if anyone’s needing some help with their own projects. Word of mouth is a wonderful way to get her day filled!   


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