Kristen's Home

Guest Bedroom = Before

The middle son gets the guest bedroom, which we were preparing for a coming-soon house guest! 
We purged items, and took out communal toys and books to be accessed in a different space. 
We purged lots of toys and papers, and the safe is now the home for his sentimental items!

Guest Bedroom = After
Front Hall
Closet = After

We really love
utilizing the drawers they already had for yarn to repurpose for 
winter wear!

Boys Display
Case = After

Before, this was crammed with books and
knick-knacks - so we took all the books and made a communal bookshelf! Making room for the display items the boys wish to have out.

Closet = Before

Usually we like to shift all the hangers to be matching, but we prioritized other spaces during this project session. 

Closet = After

We turned the hangers like this to help her identify items she isn't wearing. If in a year some hangers haven't been turned, that means she isn't wearing that item and should donate or gift it.

We did the same for her husband's side!

Boys' Shared Bedroom = Before

We love seeing those counters clear!
We helped the brothers who share this room find homes for all of their belongings - and nothing except what you see is supposed to "live" out in the open :)

Boys' Shared Bedroom = After

We didn't get a before picture, but the youngest of the family did an amazing job letting go of items he wasn't using or didn't want, making room for the items he likes!

Closet = After
Closet = Before

Closet for the eldest brother: 
We sorted out smaller clothes and then color coordinated and gave him a place for sentimental items = the top white box.

Closet = After
Central Hall Closet = Before
Central Hall Closet = After

The final project of our two-day session, we finished with this closet and turned it into a truly functional communal space for games and gift wrap and art/office supplies! | Portland, OR

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