Lindsey's Review

- How would you describe your experience working with Amy at TidyFox?

L - It was a joy to work with Amy! She was able to organize my entire kitchen and dining room area. It was nice to have someone with fresh eyes to help clarify the best places to put things based on their function. Amy has a great eye for making things look and feel good.

- Would you say that you were satisfied with the work we did for you?
Please let us know why.

L - I was very satisfied. By having someone else beside me I was more willing to think about how often I truly use things and if I should get rid of more. Amy was able to revamp my space with very little assistance from me. I showed her the things that were driving me crazy and she took it from there.

- Are there areas of communication or professionalism,
or anything else that we can grow in?

L - Not that I can think of. Amy was very professional.

- Do you have any critiques?

L - Just a thought, after Amy left I thought it would be great to have top tips to leave with clients on how to keep your space organized after she leaves.

- Was there anything that you just loved that we did while organizing for you?

L - Amy’s love for organizing spaces is contagious. You can tell that she takes a lot of pride and joy in her work. After she left I was so motivated and inspired and I actually tackled my entire garage and desk area a few days later.

- After your experience with us, would you give our name to your friends?

L - Absolutely! | Portland, OR

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