Lyndsey's Family Move-In

Laundry Room - Before
Laundry Room - After
Mom's Station:

Every mom needs a station! 
We combined all the essential items like membership cards and checkbooks and returns! 
This is in the laundry room, which is right by the garage for easy grabbing on the way out!

Reusable Bags

Do these bags seem familiar? 

We pulled the bags that were pretty gross and recycled the paper bags and what's left are the usable ones, separated by size! 

Pantry Overflow - After
Baking Cabinet - After

Putting backing items ALL together is our top priority.


So that our clients actually -use- their baking items! And can find them when they get in the mood for making scones!

Kitchen Pantry - Before
Kitchen Pantry - After
Child's Closet - Before
Child's Closet - After
Girls' Bathroom Hair Accessories
Child's Closet - Before
Child's Closet - After
Shared Adult Closet - Before
Shared Adult Closet - After

We took the items of beauty to display in the open shelving!

Then we used the bottom shelves for our client's  casual shorts + pants 

Display Space
Pre-Teen Closet - After

The eldest child is a huge sports fan, so we gathered all of her sports memorabilia and displayed in her closet! 

We changed a command hook on the shelf to command hooks in the closet! 

Classroom for home learning

These individual boxes are meant to be taken to desks for individual use, as well as for communal space for the same items. 

Don't you love this?
We are so thrilled by how this classroom turned out, with zones for each of the kids and zones for shared items like the school supplies!

We also have a box on top of this shelf filled with items to be handled with adult supervision! 

Also, this is a fun reading nook! | Portland, OR

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