There are lots of methods for the organizing process. We have read up on and studied different methods and even developed some of our own. What you get is a blend of the best from each major organizational philosophy. 

We love and valued Marie Kondo and her Spark Joy movement as well as her books and Netflix show. It's all good. 

We love her ideas about letting go of items with gratitude, and making space for the items you love. 

Marie also has a great philosophy about what to do with items that were given to you, but which you don't want/use/need or love. It's brilliant.

We read up on the fantastic method, from author Margareta Magnusson who wrote The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning: How to Free Yourself and Your Family from a Lifetime of Clutter. 

Our favorite takeaways from this book were: 
a) Don't give things to people with an expectation that they will love your stuff. Don't give things with strings attached. 

b) When you pass away, the loved ones you leave behind have the incredibly difficult, emotional, and challenging task of sorting through your belongings. Figuring out who gets what (like which daughter gets your treasured pearl earrings or which child gets all the photo albums...etc) before you leave this earth is actually a huge gift.

And also sorting out the items that are valuable (to you or otherwise) and letting go of items you don't want or need!  It's a HUGE gift to those you leave behind. 

We have been fans of The Home Edit (since before their Netflix show!) and love their incredible use of systems and creating zones for items. 
They curate such beautiful spaces and we can totally recreate a similar result in your spaces too! 

They optimize the use of organizational products to create a beautiful + functional look. We can of course purchase products for the projects we do with you. It simply depends on your goals and desires for your space!


Our Own Philosophy: 
 I have grace for myself 

This is the new mantra or self-talk we encourage for our clients to remind themselves of. 

We encourage our clients to be responsible to put items back where they go, but also come alongside our clients to practice being gracious with themselves in this crazy world. 

For example: We had a client whose desk was just for themselves. We created a pen drawer for any writing instrument, but she could only put that specific category of thing into that drawer.
Tape, scissors, gum and post-it notes had other places, and could not go in the pen drawer. This prevents this drawer (or any drawer) from becoming a junk drawer. 

The "grace" component was that she didn't need to keep her pens and sharpies and pencils perfectly aligned or "Instagram worthy" at all times, but that she can still live in organization.

Messes are allowed. 
Whether is a household of two or a household of 7 (or more!) it's okay to have messes. The idea of organization is to make it easy to put items back when you're done with them to help the tidying up process and general upkeep of your spaces. 

For example, if you make a big art project and have supplies everywhere, you've made a "mess" and may even leave it overnight. However, if your art supplies are organized, you can put everything back when you're finished, and can even find what you need right in it's proper place next time! 

Organization is key to a peaceful and prospering home. It's best when all the adults, but even the kids know where things go. Too often we see households where only the mother or the wife knows where items belong, and everyone is always asking her or searching for common items all around the house because they can't find it. 
Having a home for everything, and then teaching everyone involved where that goes ensures ease and overall, less mess and chaos. 

We can't wait to help you achieve your organizational goals and to help you regain your space! | Portland, OR

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