Mission + Vision - 2020

We humbly admit

In the recent wake of the Black Lives Matter protests and calls for systemic changes in policies and policing in regards to racism and violence, as well as a continued call for equality among Black and white people, TidyFox LLC says - we see the injustice.

We are listening + learning. 

We want to become advocates + allies.

As a white-owned business, we own the reality that we have benefited from the deep-rooted white privilege as a whole. 
We own that we have not played an active role until very recently in joining with Black voices.
We acknowledge how that is not and has never been okay. 

Moving Forward

We are working inside ourselves to grow + change + eradicate systemic and subconscious bias & racism.

We aim to be a business that supports other Black-owned businesses.
We hope to be a part of real change and we aren't willing to let this topic go or to try and "get back to comfortable"
and we seek to always be learning + listening.



Our Goal

Our hearts have always been to benefit the people we serve.

We absolutely love seeing the transformation of a space for each of our clients.

We live + thrive on the moments when our clients can see the true potential and the actualized results of an organized space. 

Regaining your space, our motto and slogan, is based upon the incredible power of transforming a space = getting things in order, creating a maintainable system, and facilitating beauty out of function. 
There is something extraordinary that takes place when you bring order and organization to a space.
We want to help you realize the full potential of all your nooks & crannies, all your storage hiding places, bedrooms, closets, offices, and beyond!

Come With Us

As we journey into the mess to discover the beautiful + highly functional space underneath. 
Messes don't throw us, in fact, we see them as an invitation + an opportunity to bring about dynamic change. 
Invite us in and let's see what we can accomplish with you and for you!

info@tidyfox.llc | Portland, OR

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We serve the Greater Portland Area, including Southern Washington, and south to Eugene, and places in between!

Don't let the fact that we operate in Portland keep you from contacting us!

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