Naomi's Review

- How would you describe your experience working with Amy at TidyFox?

N - Wonderful! Amy was easy to work with to help me organize. She encouraged me to let go of items I didn’t need without pressuring me into any decisions I didn’t want to make.

- Would you say that you were satisfied with the work we did for you?
Please let us know why.

N - Yes! My closet is clean, organized, and easy to access now

- Are there areas of communication or professionalism,
or anything else that we can grow in?

N - Perhaps a more detailed debrief on organizing techniques prior to the meeting, such as explaining how long it might take or how thorough the organizing will be.

- Do you have any critiques?

N - No! I enjoyed the experience and was provided a satisfactory product that was what I expected.

- Was there anything that you just loved that we did while organizing for you?

N - Giving tips for how to stay organized in the future.

- After your experience with us, would you give our name to your friends?

N - Yes! | Portland, OR

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We serve the Greater Portland Area, including Southern Washington, and south to Eugene, and places in between!

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