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Closets Makeover for Busy Mom

As a surprise, we organized my client's daughter's bedroom closet while she was in school (Note: this was in January when kids actually went to a building for education ;) Teen Closet - Before & After

Bathroom Storage Hall Closet - Before & After

This project was such a delight! First getting to surprise my client's daughter. She was SO shocked and thrilled to have her closet in such order! One of the biggest takeaways from this project is this: For spaces that belong to a specific person, only store items that belong to them in that space. [Ex: My client had tons of sentimental items from both her wedding and her daughter's childhood décor stuffed into the closet. The problem: it was so incredibly squished and the teen had almost no room for her own clothes!] For the teen closet we got her clothes matching hangers (woot woot!), color coordinated her clothes by category (long-sleeves, pants, etc.) and cute boxes for items like hats and belts, as well as using a super cute beach bag to hold her beach/pool wear + accessories. For the bathroom storage hall closet, I grouped all the items out into every possible category. This took over the entire upstairs hallway to place items in every pile: makeup, first-aid, travel, etc. Then my client and I went through each pile and she made the decisions to edit what and keep what. The items had been in there for at least a decade, she told me. So unfortunately, we had to toss SO many items, but that made room for all the items we kept! Notice the clear organizers? If you can see all of the items in clear containers, labels can be optional. This system makes it easy to corral items in each category. I also set all the items belonging to her teenager on one shelf, travel items on the lowest section, backstock items on the top shelf. I also used contact paper to redo the shelves. They had had a paper liner before, and it was pretty gross/coming off. The new contact paper will continue to protect the shelves in case any product spills. All in all, I'm thrilled with the results! Happy Organizing! - Amy