From Messy to Stress Free!

When Naomi and I started DMing about closets, we decided the best thing was to just that I would come over and we could tackle the whole thing together! Naomi is a junior in high school, so I knew we wanted to prioritize ease and simplicity so that the upkeep is manageable even when school starts back up! We started with some "before" pictures:

These are pretty much just like everyone else's. Messy but functional.

So we launched right in and took everything out! [Most methods of organizing have you do this, but it's really Marie Kondo who made it popular and we love doing that here at TidyFox!]

Once everything was out, I asked Naomi to make 3 piles. 1) Things you L.O.V.E - things you like wearing or really want to keep

2) Things you really don't like/don't need anymore/is literal trash 3) Things you feel apathetic towards - things you don't really care about/aren't sure about We ended up needing a 4th pile called "things that belong to other people" which ended up being items that Naomi's mom needed to figure out, as well as returning items back to her sisters' rooms. We love this new category because it helps one realize that occasionally one has stuff in one's own space that doesn't belong there and it's totally great to give those items back! Then while Naomi separated out her things, I got white hangers and boxes. [Fred Meyer = hangers + Dollar Tree = baskets in case you were wondering]

I really wanted to get rid of the white & yellow whicker dresser because it took up so much space and didn't enhance her closet experience in any way. She didn't really know what was in there and it had become a catchall place instead of a useful tool. [You know, like the infamous chair one piles all of their clothes on...looking at you accent chair]

I also wanted to get identical hangers to give a clean aesthetic / basic atmosphere, since clothes already bring so much color! [We adore the color white here at TidyFox. White boxes, white baskets, white trees, white e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.] Once the trash bags and Goodwill piles were stored in the hallway, we could see what was left and so went to town hanging up everything that could be hung, including pants, shorts and skirts, and then in the white boxes we stored items that can't really be hung, or look too messy when hung. This included undergarments, socks, swimsuits and belts. We did store her smaller bags into one large bag and hung that from a hanger. Thanks KonMarie for that idea!

Ready for the big reveal? [Scroll back up in case you forgot where we started from.]

Then to aid in future use, Naomi wrote each box's intended items in cursive which was totally simple and will make packing and getting ready so much easier! Not to mention help her keep those boxes from becoming overflow disaster zones ;)

We also used the shelf space to highlight her cute hats and shoes. Notice that we left the whole bottom of her closet pretty much vacant.

If Naomi stored her shoes in her room, that's where we would have lined them up, but her family uses the front-door hall closet as the primary shoe space - goals!

Note: we also borrowed from KonMarie using the aesthetic rule of having items decrease in length as you move rightward. We placed longest dresses on the right, then moved to short dresses, long sleeves then short sleeves and bottoms (pants + skirts + shorts). We also arranged by colors which in total feels so visually pleasing. And we were done! Took us about 2 hours and boy does it look night-and-day different! I can't wait for Naomi to use this transformed space and for her sisters' to see it sometime! Maybe it's their closets that will be next! ; )

Ready Naomi's Review here

Your Takeaways Could Be:

  • Identical hangers transform a space! [We left Naomi extra ones for the clothes in her laundry]

  • Getting rid of bulky furniture and/or spaces you throw clothes onto = must

  • Purging items you really don't need = the best!

  • You don't have to spend gobs of money on fancy organizers to achieve a beautiful, streamline and cohesive look. [Hangers = $10 in all and boxes were $1 each]

  • You don't have to do this alone! Have someone come alongside you to organize your space! Love, - Amy

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