How to Support Black-Owned Businesses

This is long overdue.

In the recent wake of protests and calling for police reform and the waking-up of white persons about their privileged & fragility & silence we want to be a part of systemic change, which includes where we spend our dollar and who we work with. We want to amplify the incredible Black-owned companies here in Portland and want to help equip you as an organizer, a mom, an entrepreneur or a regular Jane to find them and utilize their services.

We are starting to use the resource MercatusPDX which hosts a directory of Black-owned businesses in this area.

Companies We Hope to Do Business With

Tracie McCarthy

The Design Theory Project, LLC

Service: Interior Design, Styling & Remodel Instagram


Phone: 503.481.3638

We hope to be able to collaborate with Tracie! Check out her work and consider her for your next design needs!

Dupree Carter

JunkIt Services: Junk removal! More here Website Instagram Phone: 503.506.2864

When we don't know how to dispose of items our clients don't want, we know who to call now!

Inger McDowell-Hartye With Love, From PDX Service: Ready-made + specially curated gift baskets Website


Phone: 503.267.1472

Take the stress out of gifting! These baskets are gorgeous and we can't wait to buy one!

Peter Clarke ANC Movers Inc.



Phone: 360.992.8702 - They serve Portland + Vancouver - 10 years in business - License + Insured I'll definitely be calling!

Alshiref Eskander Alshiref Design and Print LLC Services: Graphic Design + Eco-Friendly Printing Website Instagram I especially love the eco-friendly t-shirt printing! "My products can be found at New Seasons Market, Powell's Bookstore, Made in Oregon, Hello From Portland, Crafty Wonderland and other shops." - A. Eskander

^ Good to know!!

Other Incredible Services + Businesses to Consider

Alisia Ford

Glory Skincare Care with their ingredients + all-skin tones friendly

Shannon Olive

Rebuild Women First

Helping women transition from prison into a fresh start

Le King

Elevated Coffee

Coffee shop + meeting space

Safety Side Up Authorized Provider of American Heart Association

EMS Safety's CPR/First Aid/AED programs and certifications.

Getting of a Tattoo in the future? Try these BIPOC owned Tattoo shops:

Fÿd Mí Ink

& Tattoo34

For Moms:

Stephanie Werba

Amazing Fairytale Parties - Portland

Julia Pagán Mouthimals, Inc. Cold + soothing teething packs for babies

Business Directories:

Support Black Owned:


Black Owned Restaurants:

Official Black Wall Street:

There are SO many more service providers & artisans & food related businesses. These are just a few to get you (and ourselves) to get voting with our dollar and to invest in the Black community to see them thrive + succeed!

A note: We have been learning & listening and continue to pursue understanding as we join in this new wave of seeking equality for black people and helping to change systemic racism. Our heart in this post is to amplify BIPOC businesses in the Portland area and to align ourselves with them. If anything in this post comes across as offensive or disrespectful or not in an allyship mentality, we are open to feedback. You can email Amy at directly so we can quickly make amends. Much love + hope, TidyFox

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