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Kitchen + Pantry for Mom of 3

Creating systems and organizing for this mom of three kids was so rewarding! Organizing her kitchen and pantry all in one go was quite a feat, but seeing my client's face when she saw it all together was SO much fun. Pantry Cabinets - Before & After Photos

The Pantry cabinets were quite fun to work on! Takeaways + things to try for yourself:

ZONES: I reworked where items were and how they were grouped together. My client had cleaning supplies on the top shelf above the food, so we quickly remedied that and created another zone in her kitchen for cleaning supplies. I grouped baking items, entertaining items, and supplemental school supplies with the art supplies and kids' games. I also created a zone for kids' snacks so that they could access them without having to ask a parent for them. PACKAGING: Get items out of packaging whenever possible. Cardboard is not your friend. Just like recycling your amazon packaging, recycle all cardboard items right when you come home from the grocery store. By taking items out of the cardboard, you'll be able to see exactly how many items you have. I used inexpensive open containers for easy display/easy to reach snacks. When you can see how many more of that particular item, you can either buy more, or not over buy any item. It's much more difficult to see any items when they are in opaque packaging. Note: This only works for items that are individually wrapped such as cereal bags (take out of box and use a chip clip) snacks in wrappers or individual packaging, soda pop cans and similar beverages, etc.

ENTERTAINING: My client hosts dinners with many guests weekly (Covid-19 update, we did this project in January of 2020) So she has her guests arrive early and puts them to work setting the table. Now all entertaining items like table clothes, napkins, straws and plasticware are all together and easy to find! If you like to entertain, create a single space where all the accoutrement for a party are in one place. You could add birthday candles, cloth napkins and napkin rings, and vases in a similar zone.


Kitchen Drawers - Before & After Photos

The trickiest things with drawers is to not over stuff them. Assess which items you really need and donate the rest! Takeaway: keep only the tools you really use, and if you really need special tools for a rarely used cooking or baking project, consider storing them in a clear tub labeled "special use cooking tools" and store in garage or similar space.


Kitchen Cabinets - Before & After Photos

Grouping like items applies to kitchen cabinets just the same! One of the best ideas I had (this is my blog, so I can toot my own horn ;) was to make accessible the kids' dishes. They were stacked up high with the adult-sized dishes. By adding to a drawer that was on all of the kids' levels, the older kids can help set the table and everyone can reach for their dishes with ease. Previously, the kids were climbing up on the counter ; ) For the beautiful display cabinets (with the super rad black & gold wallpaper), the major change was to group colors in a more visually pleasing way. Gathering the white dishes into one space, the wine glasses all combined, and the colorful dishes all on one shelf. Bonus: It was especially fun to create an adult beverage shelf in the pantry cabinets (above the baking supplies). Now all the alcohol, drink mixes, and the tools to open and aerate wines, etc. are now ALL together which will make mom + dad chill time after the kids go to bed all the more easy ;) Happy Organizing,

- Amy