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Family of Five Move-In

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Master Closet - Before & After Photos

Kitchen + Pantry - Before & After Photos

Kid's Closets - Before & After Photos

2020 Home Classroom for 3 grades

Laundry Room - Before & After Photos

Helping this family move in this September was a total joy! By getting them organized in their first week in this new home, we were able to get them into an organizational system that is both suited to their needs and before any "clutter" habits set in.

Organizational Takeaways:

HANGERS: A large component to getting this family of 5 organized was updating their hangers! I changed over to black velvet hangers for everyone (except for the youngest who got smaller matching white hangers that better fit their clothes). When hangers match, it brings a beautiful, uniform feel to each closet, and by updating the family to all the same kind, it makes laundry even easier! I also coached the family (parents) on removing the packaging, wrap and hangers from their dry cleaning. Check out my post on more sustainable and green dry cleaning practices here.

EDITING: The purging process is always necessary when organizing. This is the part where items are sorted into piles and categories: keep, toss (or recycle or donate), and maybe. This family decided to pack up from their old home and I helped them unpack at the new space. The bummer is that they paid to have movers just pack up everyone's belongings, and we ended up editing SO MUCH from each box... the takeaway: hire an organizer to help edit before you move. That way you aren't having to move all of that extra stuff (that you don't want or need) or have to pay someone to move things you literally don't want (or need). I wish I could have spared them that part of the moving process, but I'm so grateful I got to be a part of their unpacking to get them off to a good start (and to make that awesome classroom ready for the kids' remote learning). LABELS: In a house with 5 people, and three of those being children ages 5-12, it can be tricky to keep items in their rightful homes. I labeled EVERYTHING that possible could keep a label on, and color coded items that belonged to specific kids (in the classroom) to decrease the chance of fighting over items (because let's be honest... most kids bicker over which item belong to whom ;) Color-coding helps smooth over that scenario. Happy Organizing,

- Amy