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Organization Secret!!

First off, here is an unpacking project to show you. My client is an expecting mom and we especially wanted to create space for future baby products like formula and bottles - so we managed to leave a whole cabinet open (not pictured)

Kitchen - After Photos

With my client living in an older apartment, it doesn't have the sleek features of bright white cabinets and modern trim, but we managed to make it functional and easy to navigate - especially for this expecting mom!

Takeaways: You don't always need fancy drawer organizers

When organizing on a budget, or when dealing with small drawers (found in many apartments) it can be a great choice to lay down drawer liners (as seen in the one with the utensils). We were able to place all of her cooking utensils in a drawer near the stove for easy access. We placed baking items and smaller kitchen tools in a drawer below that (not pictured). And here is the best secret I want to share with you today! Zones:

With clearly defined zones, it's easy to find and replace whatever you need!

Here is the other side!

This is the magical ingredient to organizing: Having clearly defined spaces for each category of item (and enough room for all of the items in that category!)

How to do this:

1) Select an area of your home

2) Take all the items out and sort into similar categories Ex for kitchen: Snacks, dinner or meal items. spices, condiments, breakfast foods 3) Remove any items from those categories that are past date, that you don't like/don't use/can give away 4) Place the remaining items back into your new zones by using bins/baskets to help define the space.

5) Add as many labels as you need for you and your household to remember! And voila!

Happy Organizing, - Amy

PS: If you need help with this, that's what people like me are for! Book me today for a complimentary consultation where we can brainstorm together about how to get your spaces organized! Contact me here