Organizing Christmas Decorations!

Updated: Jan 5

Post the holidays, we are sadly putting away Christmas ornaments, and all our other decorations and we want to help you find creative and helpful organizing and storage solutions! Note: We are by no means saying you can't keep your Christmas stuffs up until Valentines Day, but for those of you who are taking things down, here's some ideas:


You don't have to go out and buy those fancy ornament storage boxes if you don't want to! All you need is: - plastic cups (red solo cups or clear cups from dollar tree) - hot glue gun

- cardboard or foam board (which is what we found was easy to purchase at dollar tree)

- storage tub (clear preferably, so you can always find it later)

Step 1:

Take some foam board and measure to fit inside your tub. (We are gong to glue the cups to the board) Place a few of your cups loosely inside so you can gauge how many layers of cardboard you can fit inside your tub, then cut it to fit. Or make each layer as you go.

Step 2: Hot glue your cups to the board, as close as they will fit. Once all glued, fill cups with ornaments. If you have oblong ornaments, set those aside for now. Fill your tub full and label what is inside if it's not a clear tub so you (and everyone else) know exactly what's inside!

Note: For those wonderfully useful yet incredibly tanglely ornament hooks, we suggest storing them in a relatively small clear storage box with snapping lids so they stay secure. Don't put them in plastic bags because they can get caught and even tear the bag - that would be lousy! We ended up storing them inside one of the cups we put the ornaments in:

Oblong + Unusual Ornaments:

Those fun and spunky ornaments can truly make the tree! But how do you store them for the other 11ish months out of the year?!? Easy! You will need: - small tub with lid (again, get those clear ones, they have some at dollar tree) - bubble packaging (preferably thin so it doesn't take up too much space. I took mail packaging from the dollar store and cut to fit)

- or tissue paper Step 1: Wrap the ornaments up and set inside your little tub and place with your larger tub of ornaments! It's not as space saving, but if they don't fit in the plastic cups, this at least protects them while still being an easy solution. We don't recommend storing ornaments in their original packaging because those can be incredibly bulky - and we are all about clean + simple storage.

Step 2: If you aren't using a clear tub, be sure to label so you know what is inside!

Tree Lights:

What you need: - cardboard

- scissors

Step 1:

Before you even take your lights off the tree, cut a square of foam board and as you take the lights off, wrap them around the foam board. It's best to neatly wrap it, pulling the lights snug around the foam board so they don't come off.

Step 2: Place in their own -clear- tub or add to other decoration tubs you have. We promise, the clear ones are the best!

Oh, how we wish it were this simple...

Christmas Wreaths & Garlands:

When taking down your wreath, it's likely there will be many little pieces and soft glitter that is likely to shed, try using either a clear bag to store it in, or use a trash bag, clearly labeled (Do this by either writing on the bag before you put the items inside, or add a tag to the ties.) This is great for any garland with those little leaves that come off so easily. Then it won't shed where you store them. Label, Label, Label so you can find things again next Christmastime!

Everything else:

Other useful ideas: - store stocking hooks inside the stockings - wrap twine around small faux trees for easier fitting into clear bins and boxes with lids - Christmas village: you might actually benefit from storing these back in their original packaging, because those boxes will fit better in a larger bin, usually.

- Creches / Nativity Scenes: if you have their original packaging, this might also be helpful, but if not, we just like to use simple bubble wrap and store all together in one bin. That way when next year comes around, you have all your magi in a row and non of they sheep are missing. ; )


Whether you live in a small apartment like we do, or if you have your own home or you share space, the best way to prevent any loss of items or frustration next season, we recommend placing ALL of your Christmas stuffs IN ONE PLACE So this might mean moving other items to another storage spot where you live, but trust us when we say, this will really help! That way anyone could find all the things, and it will be easy to gather all your items in one spot as you transform your home into the magical Christmas party it's been!

One More Thing:

We know it can be difficult for some (like us) to put away their decorations and the house may feel empty, so we recommend getting seasonal specific decorations to refill some of those spaces so that you can enjoy your living space in a new way!

We recommend even choosing to leave up some unadorned garland or anything that's more "Winter" specific. We are keeping up two small faux trees on our porch and have switched our Christmas Garland on the front door to one that's just greenery. This way it's not so forlorn and empty. And as always, be creative!

Joy to you in the New Year!

- Amy

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