Project Ishq!

Ishq in Urdu means "Love." It's pronounced "ish-k"

THE BEGINNING Back in the summer (2019) my husband and I ventured to a night market in town. It's theme was 'Global' and there were food vendors, musicians, wares and services from different cultures! This was beyond fun! I stopped to get henna on my hand and the vendor right next door was a woman selling organic skincare products. I was so intrigued, but there was always a group around the booth, so I just decided to take note of the seller and look them up instead of trying to break into the crowd.

I followed Ishq Skincare ( follow here ) on Instagram and finally found an opportunity to go and try (and buy!) some of the incredible products. Sarah, the incredible female superpower behind Ishq, was selling at a market in SW Portland shortly before Christmas, and I was finally able to hear all about her products and select the ones I wanted to try. (Shameless plug: Ishq products are amazing and they last super long!)

And thus began our friendship. When I launched TidyFox in January, Sarah was quick to support, and this month (Feb) we started talking about a collaboration!

First we filmed a How-To video with my favorite Ishq mask.

Then we made a game plan for organizing Sarah's products. THE CHALLENGE

Sarah has a beautiful home. It's decorated with items she truly loves and has created a warm and inviting atmosphere. Originally from India, Sarah has a home that has cultural nods throughout. The only issue we faced was that Sarah's Ishq products were ALL over her home. Some in one closet, some in another, and the bulk mixed in with garage storage. We needed to create a space where everything related to Ishq was in one easy space, so that Sarah can maximize her time instead of looking for items or go around her whole house to gather what she needs.

The Solution:

We began by laying down mats in the middle of Sarah's garage, then took EVERYTHING from EVERYWHERE and laid it all out. We grouped items by category and need, and moved non-Ishq items into other spaces. We even made a big "donations" pile! ( I absolutely love making those!) Once we had removed all the items, we had a brainstorming session to asses the best way to organize what Sarah needed and how frequently.

The best thing about being an Organizer is that you get to create systems that work specifically for your Client! In Sarah's case, we needed to place items on the shelves in a way that a) made sense to Sarah's brain and b) worked with her height. She is built small, so we wanted her to be able to reach items needed on a frequent basis with ease. Then we put long-term and rarely needed or items not needed until later in the future on the highest shelf, and worked down from there.

Sarah sells at Markets throughout the year, and sells at various other venues, so we needed to make sure all her items for this was well packed and easily findable. We organized her decorative items and sorted through to make sure she'll have an easy time packing her car for those events! Finally, we had everything in a place, with clearly designated homes!

Sarah also sells her products online (website here) so having all of her packaging materials together was a priority. Then we grouped other like items until the system made total sense to Sarah. This is important because I didn't want to just come in and then have it all fall back into chaos in a few months. I wanted this system to be sustainable so that in a few years, Sarah still can find what she needs, and each item has a designated spot. You'll notice (above) there is even extra room on the shelves in case she needs to add anything to her Ishq stock. This ensures she won't have to store things back in other places around the house. Yay!

We are so delighted to have gotten to work with Sarah and spend the day with her and share in her wonderful business (!!!!!!!)

We LOVE supporting women entrepreneurs, and love supporting local business! This is a huge passion of mine. Happy Tuesday and hope this was fun to read the backstory of this project. So much love, -Amy

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