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Skyline Blvd Move In for 3

This move-in was exceptionally a treat because it involved the family I got to take care of in my previous career. I used to be the House Manager for a Mom of two beautiful girls and when they made a monumental move from their previous home into a beautiful, retreat-like space, it was all things joyous!

GARAGE One of the giant projects that TidyFox helped in was helping to curate a garage system that was easy to use and easy to maintain. We went with the matching black and yellow garage storage totes with large clear labels as our foundation. So proud of how this turned out! The last two pictures are "Befores" from the previous home owner for comparison


This pantry turned out to be a truly fun space to organize. Before moving in, one of the moving prep tasks was transferring all items that can be decentered into these containers and label them, so they went in very nicely straight into the pantry.

The last two photos are from my client's previous pantry. It was so small!

I got to present some organizational ideas for one of the closets. The first two pictures are moved in "Befores" and the other pictures are the ideas in the closet.

Check out how you can create organized spaces on a shelf with shelf dividers. These are economical and easy to use. I love the way shelves can become ordered spaces instead of unused or potentially messy.