Summer = Fresh Start

As lockdown is drawing to a close and restrictions are beginning to lift (at least in Oregon) and opening dates are coming, we are reopening, too! [ In case you missed it, we are offering a 15% discount to our services for anyone booking now!!] It's a great time to assess our belongings and take control of the potential disasters our homes can be in since we entered quarantine. I feel like I missed Spring Cleaning, and if you did too, let's have a Summer Cleaning!

Here's what to do:

- Pick a space in your house -

It can be easy to get overwhelmed, so start with a space in your home that you feel is actually doing really well.

Give it a look over and see if there is any room for improvement. If not, move on to another space that feels like it could use some tlc

The reason to do this is to start small and work towards larger projects. Finishing up a space or reorganizing a small space feels great + can help motivate you to more projects! With any space you pick, ask yourself these questions:

Quantity: Are there too many items in this ______________ (drawer, shelf,

rack, etc) that can easily fit in here?

[In other words, can I physically see each item when I pull the ______________ (drawer) out]

Bonus Question: Can I pull the drawer all the way out or does it get stuck on too much in there? ; )


Does it make sense to look for these items in here?

Is there another place in my house they should really be?

Example of location:

My sister's home had two kitchen drawers I got to organize (just for fun!) and there were tons of items in there that didn't make sense. The catch-all drawer had tools and hardware like screws, bolts + wall anchors that weren't going to be used as much in the kitchen. It made more sense to be in the garage with the other tools - so we moved them and made a ton of space in the drawer - win!


Do the items in this space go together? Example of theme: With my sister's 2nd drawer we turned it into a garden drawer with gloves and seeds and garden related things so that when her kids are playing in the front yard, she can grab the items she needs quickly (since it's close to the front door) and garden while they play - Mom win! ]

[ This is also example of location: with these being close to her door and near where she gardens, she can access them easily. ] Once you have asked yourselves those questions, you're pretty much an organizer and no longer need any help. ; )

Okay, one more tip: Blank space/open space/clear space/white space is your friend. It has so many names, but essentially by not filling a drawer or cabinet or closet to the brim, and having space where you could technically fit in more items - don't!

Let the space have room to breathe, so to speak. It will make it easier to keep organized the other items if it's not too full and also allow you to have more distinct separating space between each item.

Happy Organizing + Stay Healthy, -Amy

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