Taking Full Advantage of Your Quarantine

With Disney+ releasing Frozen 2 and Netflix on every device, and streaming services coming to our "rescue" it could be so easy to just fall onto the couch and not get up for two weeks+.

Yet, my dear friends, being 'stuck at home' with nowhere to go is actually a gift! This is the best time to re-think your home and see where you can improve. This is that "when I have time" moment you've been waiting for! There is a ton of science behind how healthy it is to get up, move around, and especially cleaning up a space. It's why Spring Cleaning became so popular - grey clouds retreating, snow melting, time of hunkering down from winter ending, and the soul needs a fresh start! THIS IS YOUR SPRING CLEANING AWAKENING!

With kids home from school, this is also a wonderful time to reestablish home care rules, get caught up on chore charts, and assess what systems you have that aren't working - and begin anew!

Note: We also highly recommend taking advantage of this forced home vacation and spend some quality time with your family!

Get those board games out and cook a homemade meal!

Have everyone sit down together and enjoy a conversation. {This time is actually a gift.}

LET'S BEGIN So you're ready to start! Where will you begin? Step 1: Take inventory

Assess your home, take a look around, walk through the rooms, open a few cupboards.

Ask yourself, "Where are things working and where are they not?" Go through with a notepad, or take notes on your phone, of the areas that aren't functioning for you + your household.

Then take those items and list them in order of "if I could only get one of these done kind of important" to "if I put this off we'll be okay" In other words, assign importance value to each item in a list. Step 2: Start with # 1

Now don't get overwhelmed! Just start with that first item. If it's a certain space in your home, take everything out of that space,

and enjoy it as a blank canvas. Take everything out!!

Then dream up what it COULD be.

The best way to keep a space tidy is to assign it a theme or specific category Such as "linens" or perhaps "items for guest's overnight stay" which could include bedding, air mattresses, extra pillows and even extra pajamas and new tooth brushes as well as your backstock of bathroom items.

This would help you be totally prepared for when guests come to stay! The trick is to keep it as ONE category or space, so be honest about how you will use it as much as how you want to use it.

Ex: This hall closet was 100% backstock. And nothing but backstock was allowed.

Step 3:

Sort those items, see if they make sense somewhere else

(do you have backstock here and somewhere else?

Try combining all backstock items into one place in your home, and tell your family where it is so they don't have to keep asking you all the time ; )

Then sort the items you want to put back into that space.

Remember to keep your category or main theme in the forefront as you are processing through each item. Then put those items back in a way that works for you & your family. I like to order items by importance + accessibility. If kids need to reach or put back items, keep those towards the bottom half. If they are special or dangerous items, those go up high out of their reach! If that doesn't apply to you, then try ordering items by frequency of use being close at hand and lesser used items at the top or bottom.

I like to place bulkier items towards the bottom and rarely used items towards the top!

Do what makes sense to your brain and will work for your household.

These are just ides. Step 4:

Follow us on Instagram account for Tidy Tips and scroll back through the projects for inspiration!

I want to help you and give you even more inspiration! Step 5: Let's connect!

I know it's a tricky time, and I'm not doing a lot of projects as my husband and I are under self-quarantine, too. However, I want to be a resource for you and are happy to work with you remotely either via a video app or email!

Do you have the app Marco Polo? Get it here {It's amazing!}

It's a video messaging app where. unlike Skype or Facetime which is blurry and cuts out or freezes, you can have a conversation with someone using videos! Side note: I love this and have been using it during quarantine to connect with my siblings, parents and friends all over!

Or you can email me at and we can get a conversation going about the projects you want to start! Please let us know how we can partner with you during this strange yet strangely good season. -Amy

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