We've got a logo (and explain the name)

I am so stoked to reveal this incredible Tidy Fox!

What do you think? This is a Tidy Fox. It's a fox, which is totally ready to take your home by storm, including putting things in beautifully simple white boxes - and yet has a patience to work at your (the client's) own pace. No agenda pushing here. Just calm readiness to meet you where you're at. Which leads me to guess you are probably wondering why this company is thus named.

Tidy - a wonderful word that became en vogue with the introduction of "Tidying Up with Marie Kondo" (Netflix). The word embodies such a great description of what it is I do. In her book, The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up," Marie says "Tidying is the job that keeps a home livable." And I totally agree.

Fox - this is my favorite animal {I have a whole Pinterest board full of foxes, lovingly named "Fantastic Fox"} But it's more than just a cute creature depicted in illustration or cute YouTube videos; Foxes are cunning, shrewd, which is to say - they are clever. A fox is also a creature; an animal that is often depicted as compassionate and cares for it's own. [also, my hair is red, and a fox's hair is]

Couple the two together, and you get: an organized space through clever configurations through shrewd, price-conscious practices

[by a redhead].


I'm offering to you service that is necessary in our consumerist culture AND aim to be wise in helping you get there. I always look for the most economical options for each client, I help to curate beautiful spaces within budget, and work quickly so you get the most bang for your buck! Similarly, I am a total goofball - I sing along to music while I work, I aim to be a compassionate creature, and I really care. I care about you, I care about your stuff and the process you go through to leg things go, to organize & to maintain it all. Just so you know, I don't offer any "medicine" I don't take myself. I have worked very hard at letting go of things in my own life (and kindly, so has my husband) so that maintaining a clean, tidy home is possible. I also practice my own "rules" of putting things away immediately upon coming home, of having a constant practice of letting go of things we don't use/need/want and practice cherishing the things I DO keep, so that those items serve us well. TidyFox is the platform I get to share my passion with you all

- organization that breeds a magical transformation that inspires creativity and rest.

We've seen it with all of our clients so far and truly long for it for you, too! So, there you go : ) -Amy


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We serve the Greater Portland Area, including Southern Washington, and south to Eugene, and places in between!

Don't let the fact that we operate in Portland keep you from contacting us!

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