Here is what our client's are saying about TidyFox!

Perri - Whole Apartment Organization, Portland, OR

"Amy saved by butt! We found out we were pregnant and were going to need to stay in a one-bedroom apartment. Amy helped us organize things in a way that we can easily find everything and keep things clean! We have a spot for EVERYTHING including baby stuff! I don't know how she did it, but I will never move without her again!!"

Kat - Closet & Bathroom - Eugene, OR

"My experience working with Amy at TidyFox was very professional and sweet.
Amy took the time to listen to my needs and helped me not feel pressured to get rid of things but instead helped me to utilize the space I had with the things I actually really wanted and needed. 

My closet and bathroom feel clear of clutter! I feel like I can use the products I love more intentionally because I know where they are and I can see them better. 

I really enjoyed the joy Amy brought to the project of letting go of and helping to organize my space.

I felt seen, heard, and cared for in the process. Can’t wait to work with Amy again.
Tidy Fox is a rare find!"

Karen - Kitchen - Hillsboro, OR

"[Amy] recharged my spirit! I had so much going on in my life that I kind of just lost interest with my home. Actually, I did not enjoy going home.
It wasn't messy ...but it was disorganized because I just didn't have it in me to fix things up.
My spirit was much more down then I knew.

When Amy came, her excitement to help me reorganize my kitchen was invigorating!. 

I actually had fun and I was amazed by how lovely everything looked.

I was able to purge at least 75% of my food + kitchenware - stuff I rarely used, but was still storing.

Also, Amy works fast and I love that.  She doesn’t waste time. She is very conscience of your dollar spent.   She’s not a slacker.  She knows what she is doing.  She’s also lovely to hang out with. 

All in all, Amy has a loving spirit. I felt like I’ve know her a long time. She’s one of those gals you just want to keep visiting with.  She’s a good listener and she cares.  She likes to see you happy.  After this experience, I’m just so  thankful I met her.

I was ready to do this and she could see it and was willing to help.

I actually enjoy coming home and opening up my cabinets! I'm cooking again and I decorated my dining room!! Thank you so much, Amy!!!!"

Heidi - Move In - Skyline Blvd., Portland, OR

"We had an awesome experience with Amy and TidyFox.

Amy opened our eyes to organizing solutions that we could not have imagined on our own.

We were incredibly satisfied with TidyFox.
Our home is now organized and peaceful thanks to Amy’s vision, creativity and solutions.

Amy was so professional and great to work with.  I appreciated her flexibility with scheduling and her approach to listening and bringing solutions specific to our home and lifestyle​.

I especially appreciated the closet organizing for our whole family. She brought us solutions for every aspect of our wardrobes and lifestyle.  And I also want to thank her for the power edit of my master closet.  She brings a kind and caring approach to the stressful goal of editing what is not used/ or worn.

Thank you!"

Lindsey - Kitchen + Pantry - Hillsboro, OR

"It was a joy to work with Amy!

She was able to organize my entire kitchen and dining room area. It was nice to have someone with fresh eyes to help clarify the best places to put things based on their function.

Amy has a great eye for making things look and feel good.

I was very satisfied. By having someone else beside me I was more willing to think about how often I truly use things and if I should get rid of more. Amy was able to revamp my space with very little assistance from me. I showed her the things that were driving me crazy and she took it from there.

Amy’s love for organizing spaces is contagious. You can tell that she takes a lot of pride and joy in her work. After she left I was so motivated and inspired and I actually tackled my entire garage and desk area a few days later."

Naomi - Bedroom Closet - Bethany, OR

"Amy was easy to work with when she helped me organize. She encouraged me to let go of items I didn’t need without pressuring me into any decisions I didn’t want to make.

My closet is clean, organized, and easy to access now.

I enjoyed the experience and was provided a satisfactory product that was beyond what I could have expected!"

Sarah (Owner of Ishq Skincare) - Hillsboro, OR

"Amy listened to my needs without judging me. There was such good energy while she was organizing.

I loved that while she was organizing, she kept in mind how sustainable it was for me to keep it that way. Also, I loved that I didn't have to purchase any products to organize. Amy used what I had! 

My Ishq products were so disorganized that it was driving me crazy!

Amy came in and put everything in order, in a way that made sense to me.

I am more than satisfied! I did not feel judged for the way I kept things. Amy handled everything calmly.

I did not feel rushed.

Amy was professional & kind. Most definitely recommend!"