Sarah (Ishq Skincare)'s Review

- How would you describe your experience working with Amy at TidyFox?
S - Loved it! My Ishq products were so disorganized, that it was driving me crazy! Amy came in and put everything in order, in a way that made sense to me.


Would you say that you were satisfied with the work we did for you? Please let us know why.
S - More than satisfied! I did not feel judged for the way I kept things. Amy handled everything calmly. I did not feel rushed.


Are there areas of communication or professionalism, or anything else that we can grow in?

S - Amy was professional & kind.

- Do you have any critiques?

S - None

- Was there anything that you just loved that we did while organizing for you?

S - Amy listened to my needs without judging me. There was such good energy while she was organizing. I loved that she worked on organizing keeping in mind the sustainability of me keeping it that way. Also loved that I didn't have to purchase anything to organize. Amy used what I had! 

- After your experience with us, would you give our name to your friends?

S - Most definitely yaaaasss! | Portland, OR

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