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TidyFox will organize any space! 
We do

  • Garages

  • Sheds

  • Kitchens

  • Pantries

  • Home Offices

  • Bedrooms

  • Closets

  • Playrooms

  • Family + Living Rooms

  • Storage Closets

  • Bathrooms

  • Office Spaces

  • Office Storage

  • Office Files

  • Office Backstock & Inventory

  • Mementos / Photos

  • ...Literally any space!

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Home Staging

With an knack for the aesthetic + eye for visually pleasing design, TidyFox can help you get your home ready for realty listings and home showings. 

TidyFox can help by arranging things to look ideal as well as help clear away the clutter and keep it nice until your home is sold! 

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Moving Out + In

Moving can be stressful. 
TidyFox is ready to help you de-stress by decluttering before you pack everything up! 

So many clients will pack (and therefore move, and then have to unpack) items they don't want or use or need. 

Let TidyFox com and help you sort things out!
Then we'll help you pack up by boxing items according to where they will be in your new home (with clearly labeled boxes!)

Finally, we will help you unpack into easy + functional organization systems to get you off to a new start! (Especially before any clutter habits kick in!)

Book today for your next move!


What happens to the items you no longer want or need or use? 

TidyFox will take all of them! (besides items for trash or recycling). Any item that can be donated, given away, reused, etc. will be taken to a variety of places. 
TidyFox will take these items and get them to the right homes, shelters, centers, etc. 

A few places we routinely partner with: 

Good Neighbor Center 
ReStore: Habitat for Humanity
Rose Haven Women's Shelter
Salvation Army

Amy - Professional Organizer of TidyFox LLC

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